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The University has been established by the BLDE Association which is one of the most charitable associations in Karnataka. At BLDE University we are committed to quality medical education keeping in view that the medical profession is the most challenging and noble one.We are challenged with globalization and growing competition form National and International Universities. At BLDEU, we are constantly striving hard to modernize our campus with word-class infrastructure, adding new tech-tools for teaching and research and adopting global best practices in whatever we do. The Hospital facilities are being upgraded and enhanced to provide the best health care facilities and the needed learning experience to the students to keep pace with the changes world over. Our endeavor is to become a reputed Research University where teaching is always at the cutting edge of research and scholarship. We have eminent teachers and researchers on the faculty. Also, you will meet friendly administrators and staff. In brief, you will have a rewarding experience at BLDE University. What you will experience is University’s emphasis on quality education comparable to the best in the country & world, rigorous & demanding intellectual experience and development & advancement of mind. We believe in offering education with a human face. The University is marching ahead to achieve excellence in all aspects. Be a part of Excellence.

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"University stands for humanism, for tolerance, for  reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. It stands for the onward march of human race towards even higher objectives. If the Universities  discharge their duties adequately, then it is well with the  nation and the people

(Jawaharlal Nehru, 1947)

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